Things I love about Wisdom

Five things I love about wisdom.

1. Wisdom will teach you to be a good listener.

2. Wisdom will direct your path.

3. Wisdom will give you the patience to wait.

4. Wisdom will give you the the eyes of of the spirit, to be enlightened

5.  Wisdom is the greatest Teacher of all time.

Jesus Christ is the spirit of wisdom, and happy are those who find wisdom.

I have loved wisdom since I was a child, I am amazed at what it can do and how  it can transform a young woman

who was born in a culture of so many conflicts, envy and jealous, into a woman, who is truly getting a glimpse about life, true identity and the ability to chose, to chose what is best for her and her family.

discovering what is worth fighting for in this world.  Knowing that she can choose to be who God created her to be and live an amazing life.  And to live life the best she can and to be grateful everyday to God Almighty.


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